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    Wood stoves and boilers

    Burning wood in ordinary chamber boilers is not one of the cheapest ways of heating. The same goes for specially adapted stoves, but with low efficiency. That is why it is worth buying wood boilers from a trusted manufacturer, who specializes in devices that are adapted to current standards. TEKLA is a company that attaches particular importance to the quality, safety and comfort of the stoves it supplies.

    Ecological way of heating your home

    Protection of natural environment is one of the goals that modern boilers must fulfil. This is why our wood stove is designed to meet ecological standards.

    This means that you are guaranteed a low-emission appliance with a wide power range (14-34 kW).

    Offered wood stove Kris U68 burns lump wood. It is characterized by chamber method of combustion. In time, further models will appear, according to customer expectations.

    High efficiency and durability of the cast iron wood stove.

    In addition to the power of the device, other parameters are also important. Every effort has been made to make wood boilers resistant to damage and other factors. They are manufactured from high quality cast iron. This ensures a long service life of the boilers and protects them from corrosion and pressure increase.

    The Kris model can heat up to 250 m³ and the U68 version up to 340 m³. In addition, both wood-burning stoves are distinguished by their very high efficiency of up to 91%. This translates into lower fuel costs.

    Convenient wood stove

    Easy operation is another advantage of our wood stove. The patented design allows you to burn wood with natural draught without the need for a fan in gravity-fed heating systems with open gear. It does not need to be connected to the electrical system! In practice, this means the elimination of electricity consumption charges for a wood boiler. The stove has manual fuel loading.

    If you are interested in wood boilers price offered by us should pay attention. We offer the purchase of equipment at very favorable prices! For more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail, to which you are welcome. We will also be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

    Log stoves
    Wood in billets is a good option for anyone who has a supply of fuel, such as from their own forest or a neighboring forestry district. Firewood must be properly dried, and therefore stored, and have the lowest possible residual moisture content. If you opt for a wood boiler, a heating water buffer cylinder must be installed to ensure a constant supply of heat.

    Wood heating stoves in chunks
    Given the total investment involved and today’s energy prices, heating with wood is an economical alternative to oil, gas or electricity. Viessmann wood boilers offer a high level of efficiency and are economical with fuel.