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    Fireplace Insert or Wood Insert

    Fireplace Insert or Wood Insert

    The fireplace insert is the basic and one of the most important components of a fireplace. It acts as an enclosed hearth from which heat and smoke are discharged. The fireplace insert is also equipped with a glass door, so that on cold winter evenings you can admire the leaping flames of the fire. Fireplace inserts vary in construction and material, and choosing a particular model can be a problem for the layman.

    Choosing a fireplace insert.

    The fireplace insert is the basic element of the fireplace. Some models dispense with the installation of an insert, but such a solution is disadvantageous primarily for practical reasons. A fireplace without an insert gives off most of its heat through the chimney, and only about 20% is distributed to heat the house. The insert is also responsible for durability and, to a large extent, aesthetic appearance, so its choice is worth considering. There are fireplace inserts available on the market in various styles of finish, with large glazing or side doors, and the choice in this case should depend on the fireplace model and the design of the house.

    Types of fireplace inserts.

    Fireplace inserts can be divided according to the function they are to perform in the home. A different insert will work better for occasional burning, where it is mainly intended to be a decorative element, while another should be opted for if you want high heating qualities. There are many variants available on the market, and the most modern are equipped with a number of additional features. Among the most popular can be mentioned:

    Air fireplace insert – this is the most popular and practical type of fireplace insert. Using a specially designed blowing system, the heat from the fireplace is distributed through pipes to all rooms in the house. Distribution of warm air is the most efficient way to heat the entire home while using the fireplace.

    Fireplace insert with water jacket – this is a more advanced solution for heating the entire house. As with air fireplaces, the heat is distributed through a special system to all rooms. This involves water heated by the fireplace, which circulates through the system and provides heat to radiators. A fireplace with a water mantle can interact with solar collectors, so it fits perfectly into the assumptions of energy-efficient and passive construction.

    Gas fireplace insert – this type of insert is very different from previous models, as its main purpose is to serve a decorative function. The gas fireplace is elegantly finished, does not require cleaning or storage of fuel, so it has undeniable aesthetic qualities. Although you can’t heat the whole house with it, but it will be great for reheating a small living room. The gas fireplace is available in several variants, depending on what visual effect you want to achieve.
    These are just some of the types of fireplace inserts, but with these you can illustrate how many possibilities there are in having a fireplace. However, it should be remembered that the power of the fireplace and the material from which the insert is made also play a big role.

    Fireplace insert: steel or cast iron?

    Fireplace inserts can also be divided into the materials from which they are made. They differ in heating parameters and appearance. According to these criteria, fireplace inserts can be divided into:

    Cast iron fireplace inserts – are made of cast iron, so they are characterized by a rough, non-uniform surface. They are distinguished by high heating parameters, although they take a long time to heat up, they give off heat for an equally long time, even after the hearth burns out. Cast iron inserts are used primarily where the main function of the fireplace is to heat the room.

    Steel fireplace inserts – are made of steel, but inside the hearth may be lined with another material, such as ceramic tiles. Due to the fact that steel is a very malleable material, the inserts are distinguished by their simple structure and elegant shape. They do not have as high heating performance as cast iron, but they will work well as an additional heating element in a small area. Steel fireplace inserts are usually used in rooms where the fireplace is to serve mainly a decorative function.
    There is no definite answer as to which fireplace insert is best. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve, the type of fireplace and the parameters of the apartment. However, it is worth thinking carefully before making a decision and consulting a specialist about your choice, as this is an investment for many years.

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