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    Which wood to choose for home heating?

    Which wood to choose for home heating?

    To enjoy efficient and inexpensive home heating, it is essential to choose the right fuel. This also applies to wood. There are different types of this material available on the market. First of all, wood should be seasoned, and its moisture content should not exceed 15%. This measurably affects the calorific value of the fuel. A large impact on the comfort of the material is also due to its splittability. This plays an important role when you buy wood in larger pieces and it will be necessary to chop it into smaller billets. Poor splittability of wood can cause a lot of trouble when preparing the material for burning. What type of wood is best to burn? The best type is hardwood. It contains less resin than coniferous wood. Because of this, less smoke is formed during combustion. It should also be made clear that varnished wood, treated wood, plywood and boards should not be burned.

    The most common types of firewood

    The type of wood is of great importance when burning it. Parameters such as caloricity and splitting clearly determine which type is the most effective fuel for heating the home. Which one is the best? Among the most popular types, hornbeam stands out in terms of caloricity. It is characterized by high density and has very little bark. It is an optimal choice. In addition to hornbeam, ash stands out. Caloricity is a big advantage, but its chopping is hampered by low splitting. Beech is also among the best species for burning.

    Wood is a fuel that has been used for years. Developments in technology make it possible to exploit its energy potential, providing us with a heat source that is comfortable to use and economical.

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