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It is amazing how easy it is to use very cheap energy, even free energy
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    Amazing Blog Posts Element

    Display your Blog posts in many different ways.

    • Unlimited Styles and Options
    • Select Custom Posts
    • Slider / Row / Grid and Masonry Style

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    [blog_posts style=”shade” type=”slider-full” grid=”2″ slider_nav_style=”circle” columns=”1″ title_size=”larger” show_date=”text” excerpt=”false” show_category=”label” comments=”false” image_size=”large” image_overlay=”rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.09)” image_hover=”overlay-remove” text_size=”large” text_hover=”bounce” text_padding=”10% 0px 10% 0px”]




    [title style=”center” text=”Default Style” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts style=”normal” columns=”3″ image_height=”56.25%”]

    [title style=”center” text=”Bounce Style” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts style=”bounce” badge_style=”square” image_height=”75%”]

    [title style=”center” text=”Push Style” margin_top=”17px” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts style=”push” columns=”3″ badge_style=”circle-inside” image_height=”75%”]

    [section bg_color=”rgb(62, 62, 62)” dark=”true”]

    [title style=”center” text=”Blog posts inside a dark section” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts style=”normal” slider_nav_style=”simple” slider_nav_color=”light” slider_nav_position=”outside” columns=”3″ image_height=”56.25%”]

    [title style=”center” text=”Vertical Slide Style” margin_top=”31px” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts style=”vertical” slider_nav_style=”simple” slider_nav_position=”outside” columns=”2″ depth=”2″ image_height=”89%” image_width=”43″]

    [title style=”center” text=”Animated Blog posts in grid” margin_top=”31px” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts type=”row” animate=”fadeInUp” image_height=”180px”]

    [title style=”center” text=”Overlay Style” margin_top=”31px” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts style=”overlay” depth=”1″ title_style=”uppercase” show_date=”text” image_height=”144%” image_overlay=”rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.17)” image_hover=”zoom”]

    [title style=”center” text=”Overlay Grayscale” margin_top=”31px” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts style=”overlay” depth=”1″ animate=”fadeInLeft” title_style=”uppercase” show_date=”text” image_height=”144%” image_overlay=”rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.56)” image_hover=”color” image_hover_alt=”overlay-remove-50″]


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    Select between many different Hover Styles


    [title style=”center” text=”Read More button” margin_top=”31px” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts type=”row” depth=”2″ readmore=”Read More” image_height=”180px”]

    [title style=”center” text=”Blog post in A Grid” margin_top=”31px” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts style=”shade” type=”grid” columns=”3″ depth=”1″ posts=”4″ title_size=”larger” title_style=”uppercase” readmore=”Read More” badge_style=”circle-inside” image_height=”180px”]

    [title style=”center” text=”Blog post in A Masonery Grid” margin_top=”31px” size=”undefined”]

    [blog_posts type=”masonry” columns=”3″ depth=”2″ image_height=”180px”]